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 Rosemary Mou

Working in Gnation I enjoyed that period because in this company I had many chances to learn useful information, to get new professional skills and to build my career. The bosses of the company never loaded me with the work but I took extra tasks and – of course - got additional financial compensation for it. By the way the tasks I was doing were unique and very interesting. In the beginning I had a training period (it was absolutely free) for learning some new facilities.
Jan 13, 2019   02:57pm

 Phyllis Graham

Being in GNation I was doing the tasks which were unique. in the beginning of my professional development I faced with some difficulties because of my freshness and having no experience. It goes without saying I was disappointed (there were thoughts of leaving the company even) but the higher ups realized all my difficulties. And he did the best for solving this problem. Also all my colleagues occurred to be very supportive and helped me with all the tasks.
Jan 13, 2019   04:47am


When people ask me about my best working experience I always tell them about Gnation. Time of my working in this company was great. The organization became the first important step on my way to success. There I got many useful skills. Afterwards this knowledge helped me to work in global companies afterwards. If something was not understandable the bosses and other employees were explaining and demonstrating it to me without any problems.
Jan 13, 2019   03:44am


I am working in Gnation today and I’d like to stay here as long as possible. I’m rather ambitious man with long-term plans. I connect my future with Gnation because everything in this company satisfies me. Why not? Professional development which means the development of useful skills, getting new knowledge daily, managing non-standard tasks. My salary is not static and it increases gradually because the management appreciates my contribution to the general work.
Jan 05, 2019   03:07pm


How long did I work in Gnation? About a year. No, more than a year. And this period of life remains my favorite one. Now I’m trying to explain why. Right here I got a good salary, met a lot of highly interesting people (both among my co-workers and the seniors also). I had wonderful perspectives concerning my career and I used them without fail. Unfortunately I don’t work in Gnation anymore because I had to leave for Europe, but I advise this company for everyone.
Dec 26, 2018   06:57am

 Aline Williams

Here is my recommendation for Gnation. It’s a positive feedback because I have been working there for more than half a year. And it was invaluable experience In the company I got a big salary and started my successful career. This was a place where I got a lot of useful skills and knew useful professional information. Among my colleagues there were rather friendly people that supported and helped me all the time when I was a newbie.
Dec 13, 2018   10:37am

 Sophia Mikhalskaya

Do you know what GNation is? I know well because I worked in this company. So I know what it is insight. To make the main conclusion: it’s a perfect and nice place for working. I won’t change my point of view yet. I liked all my co-workers there. This collective was surely great (some of my colleagues became even friends!). Besides I liked the attitude of seniors managers: unique & non-standard tasks were set by them. These tasks were achievable and when I did them successfully I was rewarded with good compensation.
Dec 13, 2018   09:26am

 Helen Gnidenko

Hi! I gonna tell you something interesting & useful about Gnation because I worked in this company and had insight. First of all I should notice the following points concerning this organization: wonderful job security, positive image, high level of staff diversity. But one of the main features – amazing friendly and supportive atmosphere. Excellent pay package. Flexible timings. Though the organization is not big I would call it global. GNation has a lot of prospects for its growing.
Dec 11, 2018   03:31am

 Rosemary Mou

I had a wonderful work & life balance working in Gnation. Here I was plunged into the friendly atmosphere since the first days of my work. The offered duties were like a challenge to me. Relations between members of the collective were always friendly. So If you are searching for a new job this company with prospects could be a right choice. The start of my career was in GNation at least. And today I am completely satisfied with its further development.
Dec 10, 2018   03:44am

 Gwen Cooper

My working career in Gnation started with a trial period. Though it lasted for some weeks because the bosses noticed my skills, practices and employed me as a regular employee at once. By the way even during the trial period the financial compensation was good enough. While my further working I was getting sufficient salary (not only salary indeed but also fees, different bonuses, pay for extra working). All people, working in this organization, are supportive, friendly and helpful.
Dec 10, 2018   02:40am


Today I’m employee of Gnation and tbh I adore my job. Without any doubt I can advise this company for anyone who is seeking for employment. People working here are always glad to meet newbies. Frankly saying here is no especial turnover: most of us have been working in the company for some years. And newcomers are necessary due to expansion. Though we need people loving their work, responsible and professional at what they do.
Nov 27, 2018   09:09pm

 Aline Williams

I am not going to forget the period of my working in GNation. These memories consist of friendly co-workers, supportive bosses, rather big salary (including extra pays and all kinds of bonuses), interesting tasks for doing. Actually it was my first job though I did know a little in the beginning. But all the fellows from the staff were very helpful: they taught me how to do my tasks. Today I’m professional in my sphere of working: so their assistance has played its role.
Nov 09, 2018   01:41am

 Frunny Goldsmith

When somebody talks about I Gnation (this company has become popular and widely discussed today), I enjoy the warmest memories of working here. All my co-workers (including bosses) became friends to me. BTW there was no any hazing in this company: the relationships between colleagues were wonderful and friendly regardless of their positions. Doing tasks was always interesting– not dull daily routine as it is in othe3r organizations. And I got a brilliant salary though I was a fresher.
Nov 08, 2018   06:07pm

 Sophia Mikhalskaya

GNation occurred to be a wonderful working place to develop my skills. Unfortunately I was working there for 6 months only (because I had to leave company). Working here I learnt new technologies, followed the peculiarities of real professionals’ work, met many interesting and outstanding people. Even being a fresher I got a brilliant salary. The attitude of seniors to employees was equitable and supportive. If there will be a chance I’m not against to be back here.
Nov 08, 2018   09:59am

 Helen Gnidenko

Team of Gnation keeps on working on a high quality level. And I’m glad I had a possibility to be a part of it. During all time of working I enjoyed the given tasks. This allowed me getting new knowledge and professional skills. I became a real specialist in my sphere working in GNation. I left this organization due to personal reasons but it will be the possibility I’d like to return here somehow. Anyway I’m ready to recommend Gnation for employees.
Nov 07, 2018   07:11pm

 Rosemary Mou

I can give you a recommendation of Gnation because I was working for some months in this company. It was a great experience not only because I got a good salary here and it was a good start for my further successful career. This is a place where I could get useful skills and learn a lot of important information. My colleagues were rather friendly to help me with the tasks I couldn’t manage. So the senior managers did the same. I had support on all levels.
Nov 07, 2018   04:02pm

 Phyllis Graham

What should I tell you about Gnation? I can tell a lot because I’ve worked here for several years. Most of all I liked flexibility of working hours: I didn’t have to heat the seat if there was no any work pretending busy. Though there usually were the tasks for doing – interesting and challenging. I required all my skills and knowledge to manage with them and succeeded as a rule. Thus I learnt many useful and important things related to my specialty.
Nov 07, 2018   10:42am


Believe I had been working in different companies including such giants as Microsoft and Google. So I have a good practice and have what to tell. But my working in GNation was the time I like to recall most of all. And it’s not just about the friendly collective (though most of past co-workers are still my friends and we emailed each other regularly) but a good salary (even better than I counted on in the beginning), equitable management, comfortable time sheet.
Oct 30, 2018   12:46pm




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