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Will make you pay to return

Isave - Syosset, NY

Jan 30, 2019 · David Morrow ·   Businesses

I ended up buying a product thru a third party... thinking I was getting 3, I ended up with one.  In the process of recreating the issue I found the product at a different place for half the price.  So I originally called iSave to see if they would make the difference and I'd keep the product, or give me a return label and I'd return it and buy 2 of the other venders same product for the same price I got one.  

When I called, Shane talked over me the whole conversation, and I'm polite.. but I can't stand when someone thinks you shouldn't have the right to talk.  Then you know what... when I asked for a supervisor, not only did I have to tell Shane it was about him... but then all the sudden he didn't have one and you know what... I was talking to the top of the chain. LMBO

So I told him to process the return and send me an email for a free return label... to my dismay on Monday I had to call again and ask... Shane does have a supervisor afterall... I had to ask again for a label.


To my dismay... they forced me to PAY FOR MY RETURN... it was never opened!!!  So on a $23.00 product, $32.00 after shipping and tax... Almost half is gone to the USPS... though they have families to feed... it shouldn't come from my pocket...  

Buy at your own risk!!!

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