Mar 28, 2021 · DLAW ·   Businesses
This site is useless. They are a serve no useful purpose and are simply a platform only for difficult, possibly impossible to please people to vent and rage: YELP - YELL + COMPLAIN and attack businesses, who don’t/can’t/won’t bow to their DEMANDS, regardless of their validity. No recourse for the business, unless you pay them $$$$$, to help you clean up the negative reviews. It’s a shake down business model, kinda like the Mafia. My guess is, most of their postings are BAD for business, but good for their bottom line, when they extort money from businesses, to help them “clean up”, their negative reviews!! Ignore YELP and they will eventually die on the vine, so to speak

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Petco collects money doesn't deliver!!
No refund

Petco - Rapid City, SD

Feb 27, 2021 · Camille Alden ·   Businesses
I needed a short list of pet supplies because I have chronic illnesses. I ordered more than $35 and got free delivery. The doordash man dropped the delivery to the wrong address and I never got a replacement. After calling Petco they told me and I must call do a dash to get my refund and doordash said I have to get it from Petco. Petco should be the responsible party as my money went to them and I had a contract with them that I will get a delivery. I have not seen any refund from Petco yet even though I requested it. Also the customer service lady was very abrupt with me and I was offended by who tone.

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Dead flowers and horrible company

Bloomsy Box - Kansas City, MO

Feb 23, 2021 · David Bass ·   Businesses
Flowers arrived dead and replacement flower order was cancelled with no word from company

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Dog training device

Feb 21, 2021 · Kimberly De La Rossa ·   Businesses
Customer Service - Horrid.

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Where's my refundable deposit???

Sea-Tac Airport Value Inn - Des Moines, WA

Feb 12, 2021 · Jennell Meadows ·   Jerks
I've been trying to find anybody that I can complain to about Value Inn motel in SeaTac Washington. I've paid over $125 and refundable deposit is and everything was going fine and everything but I asked for a receipt for the deposit for my bank statement and the lady flipped out and started telling me no we don't we don't take the deposit out of your card or whatever so they're in fact keeping my money and I am not giving up until they give me my money back. I have a bad knee and a bad back I had asked my boyfriend to come and help me carry bags so I wouldn't have to hurt myself trying to do it by myself. They made him leave the property and he didn't even say anything to them they made him leave the property and I said oh okay does that mean you guys are going to carry my bags for me and the lady said no can you hurry up though. They were rude I never used housekeeping not once because nobody spoke English and I went out and I bought cleaners for my own room and I cleaned my room before I even sat down on anything. It was so dirty there was layers of dust and sit and dirt all along the floor throughout the room. I had to re clean the bathroom the bathtub wasn't scrub the tile wasn't scrubbed the toilet had a ring around the inside of it so I went out and I spent over $32 and cleaners tag clean my own room and this lady can't give me a receipt for my deposit I don't understand this. And there's no corporate number there's no customer complaint number I mean the only people you can talk to other people that are there that won't give you back your deposit. So anybody has anything they could help me out with. Like a phone number or someone who can handle this problem for me and get my money back that would be great. You can email me at the motel in the picture isn't even the same color the motel is now I don't even think it's the same building

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Expensive Junk
ZUAGCO Laptop Stand

Feb 01, 2021 · Tommy Rad ·   Businesses
ZUAGCO laptop stands are pricey.  I was given one for Christmas 2020. In less than 1 month, the seams have begun to delaminate. You'd think because of the cost, I'd get a couple years of service before it showed itself as expensive crap.  It sits on my kitchen table, in one configuration, so it's not as though I've abused it, or used it wildly.  Glad I didn't buy it.  When it finaly decomposes, I'll just make an angled laptop stand from good ol' wood.  ZUAGCO? More like CRAPCO.

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Guy tells me my credit is approved

Woodbridge Home Solutions - Dallas, TX

Jan 08, 2021 · Terry White ·   General Gripes
Guy tells me my credit is approved, when he is here to make a sale. Then I don't hear anything for a week and I call two or 3 people at store and no one will call me back or answer question. I ask for owner address who does not ever come in they say, yet they want me to mail my letter t the office

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Dimparica flea pill

Simparica - Oceanside, CA

Dec 18, 2020 · Angela Keshavan ·   General Gripes
My vet gave my 6.9 lb the simparica flea pill. 2 days later she had serious conclusions. DO NOT USE THIS. my dog still has side effects 1 1/2 years larer

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Game Time

Oct 29, 2020 · Chuck Ouellette ·   Restaurants
Beware of the cook.

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Inhumane Medical Practices - Westchester Advanced Orthopedics
Can you at least call back with a reason

Oct 27, 2020 · Mary Harris ·   Businesses
Son had surgery for an emergency re-attachment of one of his fingers. He was sent home supposedly to see the doctor within a few days. Office pushed his appointment out 2 weeks but forgot to re-evaluate and call in more meds. When trying to do that the office keeps on dropping the ball.

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