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double dipping

Coast Dental - Casselberry, FL

Sep 28, 2020 · giudeppe terzo ·   Businesses
my wife needed an extraction/procedure done because she was in pain. Her insurance did not immediately approve the procedure and could take up to 10 days for an approval. I decided to pay with my credit card $630 to have the the proceedure done. i was assured by Coast Dental that as soon as the insurance approved and payed them i would be refunded. i found out that the insurance PAID them $400 at the end of March 2020! Here we are almost in October and NOTHING! several visits to the local office only informed that the COAST DENTAL corporate office had been emailed several times and the matter was in their hands and no further action could be made by the local office. I have chatted with Coast dental on-line and requested a call back and REFUND of $230 ! nothing has happened yet! Its despicable that COAST DENTAL treat their customers this way in Light of the Covid -19 pandemic and so many people losing work and needing every penny they have!

1.00 / 2 votes



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