Santucchi Justice Center - Roseville, CA
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Judicial Bias & Ignorance

Santucchi Justice Center - Roseville, CA

Nov 18, 2018 · Lisa Anderson ·   General Gripes
Beware having a case involving eviction of a person from a residence heard in court here. I had a female judge look at my divorce papers and treat everything as clear cut, black & white. She actually interpreted the original judge’s ruling on when I was “supposed to be” out of the mobile home which was now in my ex husband’s name. She tried to have me evicted on a 72 hr notice the first time but as I was unaware my ex had gone to court (dummy didn’t show me the judges 3 day letter). She interpreted the signing off on the title date as the date I was supposed to be out of the home but the divorce decree only stated I had to SIGN OFF on the title sometime AFTER the date shown in my divorce paperwork. She did not care that I had been both physically & mentally ill with no help & no where to move to. She also did not care that I’m disabled. Because of her, my ex, and the ex’s girlfriend I ended up homeless and I’ll.

2.50 / 2 votes



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