Sharon T. Messina is nuts wants users passwords
Privacy abuser

Sep 11, 2018 · matt ·   Jerks
Facebook user Sharon is a low life, loser that takes advantage of nice guys and wants to make hell for them. She claims to be from Italy. Beware guys!

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Eagle Auto Insurance Harassing me over non payment, extra signing

Sep 07, 2018 · matt ·   Businesses
Worst auto insurance. I told them to screw off with my own legal letter. They emailed me recently and said I need to sign more documents. Such a low life business. Trying to steal from low income people. Very pitiful and awful. BOYCOTT Eagle Insurance in Chicago

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Donna Fletcher is an habitual Liar, Pitiful Manager

Sep 07, 2018 · matt ·   Jerks
I sent a certified application in the mail and had the USPS supervisor was my witness and agreed Donna lied and "refused" my application by mail. I complained to a Tennessee state agency and sadly they didn't care what my witness, a federal agency had said. The THRC sucks and so does Donna. She is too old and lies to much to run a section 8 complex.

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I want my double charge back!!

Econo Lodge Downtown - Salt Lake City, UT

Sep 01, 2018 · Debbie Kind ·   Businesses
I stayed at Econolodge in Salt Lake City in March 2018 and they double charged me. The staff has given me the runaround for five months and my last experience was with a very belligerant clerk that stated that they were refusing to pay me back the double charge portion. Corporate headquarters is also attempting to dismiss me more than once via email claiming that the receipt for cash that they gave me for my double charge that states the word "adjustment to credit card" means that they actually credited my bank account back. My bank records clearly show no refund was ever made. Corporate Choice Hotels was also asked to email my bank and simply state that their so-called "receipt" means "refund" and then the bank would take care of it all through their fraud department. Corporate Choice Hotels, parent company of Econolodge, will not do such a simple thing via their email to me and want to redirect me back to the clerks that, in my opinion, stole the money and have done, in my opinion, credit card fraud. I also have the manager who double charged me on a three way conference call with my Bank's fraud department a couple of months later where the manager admits on a recorded line that the refund was never made back to my back. Corporate after being told this, has done absolutely nothing to refund my money and has stated via email this day that they wash their hands of it and that I must contact the Econolodge, which will not give me the double charge refund and keeps up the same old story that me and my bank have heard for months, that it will take 3 - 5 days to show up on my bank account. Then it never does. My advice to anyone in the world is to never, ever give this hotel your credit card or debit information and if you have to stay there, then pay cash only and do not book in advance. The manager also stated to me while being recorded on their cameras when I asked for my credit card information to be shredded, that they had all the credit cards and bank information of all customers for the last 20 years in their basement. Now why is that? Now Choice Hotels Guest Relations is now telling me that if it doesn't show up credited to my account this time then my bank has to contact Econolodge in SLC to have it done "manually," yet over and over, it has already been relayed to Choice Hotels that my bank simply needs an email stating that their language on their receipt means "refund," and they will take care of it. Choice Hotels is refusing to do this and only wants to send me back to the same rude and/or belligerent clerks in SLC that said they were refusing to pay. So that will work!!!! If they wanted to pay me back, all they have to do is send me a check or go through bill pay in their computer. How stupid are we supposed to be out here?? It is as clear as it can be. They are refusing to pay back my double charge. I want to know how many other hundreds and thousands of people are having this same problem if their computers "JUST DON'T WORK!" This is my experience with Choice Hotels and Econolodge and how I feel about the matter. I am turning them in to the authorities for credit card fraud and anything I say here cannot constitute fact without a court of law. I am just reporting what I was told with them being recorded and how I feel.

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Non-objective reporting

Aug 19, 2018 · Major ·   Businesses
Less than objective reporting by ABC news reporting.

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Shepard Smith

Fox News - Burleson, TX

Aug 15, 2018 · Douglas B McKINNEY ·   Politics
PLEASE have Shepard Smith moved to MSNBC where he belongs

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Criminal Law Attorneys

Aug 14, 2018 · Terrie Booth ·   General Gripes
This Criminal law attorney Mark S. Hutchinson in Jackson, MS is a pitiful excuse for a lawyer!!!!!!!! He takes your money & HARDLY ever returns calls!!!!!! Once you have been sentenced he's done!!!!!! My fiance was sentenced to six years in prison & is not a hardened criminal. He got sent to CMCF in Pearl, MS to be classified & they are trying to give him 30 years there!!!!!!! Mr. Hutchinson could send his transcript there to avoid all the confusion but he won't do that!!!! Plus CMCF in Pearl, MS is pretty messed up also cuz they don't know what they are doing!!!!!! So now he could possibly be in prison 30 years & that's not even the sentence he got!!!!!! The Justice system in Jackson & Pearl MS IS pretty messed up!!!!!!! He is a non violent offender & they wanna give him 30 years but a killer or robber gets maybe a year!!!!!!!! Then released back into the public to do the same thing over again!!!! Pretty messed up to me!!!!!!

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He will **** over every employee he has and make them bring him to court
Running a illegal bussiness outta a basement in camden

Eric J Kohlhepp(dba) - Camden, NY

Aug 08, 2018 · None your fucking bussiness ·   Businesses
57 Mexico street ....does not meet with the neighborhood sound cordinence as long with the fact this guy doesn't have a liscence to operate from a residential home that isn't his ....its on a main road in Camden new york....

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Online dating sites - Los Angeles, CA

Aug 07, 2018 ·
Why do dating sited lure you with one price, then after you join you owe more money to get what you thought you would get in the first place.  My site cannot handle peak times.  The site should be able to handle customers during the time that most will be using their site.  Being blocked after investing my time because they want more money is annoying at best.  

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Scott Mullins Dirty Soul 89.7 tmd

Aug 04, 2018 · Ondre M Valentine ·   General Gripes
Good music shouldn't be called Dirty Soul of a certain race of people realities.

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