high level of working culture

Gnation - Portland, OR

Dec 21, 2018 · Alex Novikov ·   Businesses
What I wanna tell about Gnation is about high level of working culture in it.  There I had all the needed resources, got new knowledge and developed professional skills. The tasks given to me by bosses were not easy but interesting, not routine, unique and I managed with them. It was my growth and here I became a high-level specialist. Afterwards I worked in other companies but never felt myself as good as in Gnation. That’s why I advise this organization.

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A perfect choice

Gnation - Portland, OR

Dec 07, 2018 · Phyllis Graham ·   Organizations
For those who are looking for a good organization to work in, GNation will be a perfect choice. Personally I was glad to have an experience of working here. The seniors were approachable: if anything didn’t work out, they always helped & supported. That was no any hazing or bullying: managers assisted newcomers. My co-workers were very friendly. In addition to work together we had coffee-breaks, corporate parties and different teambuilding activities.

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When I started working in Gnation I was a real newbie

Gnation - Portland, OR

Dec 07, 2018 · Ed Redman ·   Organizations
When I started working in Gnation I was a real newbie, a fresher without any working experience. I had just education and a strong desire to demonstrate my knowledge and skills. Still they agreed to employ me. Management of this company appreciates hard-working people. Doing extra work I got an additional payment. That’s why there was never lack of money. It was a great experience for me and I regret I had to leave this company due to personal reasons.

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My strong recommendation for GNation

Gnation - San Diego, CA

Dec 03, 2018 · Alex Novikov ·   Businesses
My strong recommendation for GNation is founded on the period of my working in this organization. To be honest it occurred to be even better than I had expected in the beginning. Company paid me for extra work. And the general salary was fine with me. I can’t but say about medical benefits, parental benefits, paid leave and different bonuses. So there was never lack of money when I was working there. In all points of view Gnation may be called “a global company”

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Black & White Bench
Judicial Bias & Ignorance

Santucchi Justice Center - Roseville, CA

Nov 18, 2018 · Lisa Anderson ·   General Gripes
Beware having a case involving eviction of a person from a residence heard in court here. I had a female judge look at my divorce papers and treat everything as clear cut, black & white. She actually interpreted the original judge’s ruling on when I was “supposed to be” out of the mobile home which was now in my ex husband’s name. She tried to have me evicted on a 72 hr notice the first time but as I was unaware my ex had gone to court (dummy didn’t show me the judges 3 day letter). She interpreted the signing off on the title date as the date I was supposed to be out of the home but the divorce decree only stated I had to SIGN OFF on the title sometime AFTER the date shown in my divorce paperwork. She did not care that I had been both physically & mentally ill with no help & no where to move to. She also did not care that I’m disabled. Because of her, my ex, and the ex’s girlfriend I ended up homeless and I’ll.

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GNation may be a wonderful choice

Gnation - San Diego, CA

Nov 09, 2018 · Manek ·   Businesses
If you are in search in for a nice company to work in, GNation may be a wonderful choice. At least I had an experience of working in it. The bosses of this company were always approachable and supportive: when something didn’t work out, they assisted. That was no hazing and bullying: seniors supported newcomers. My co-workers were very friendly too. And we could have a rest organizing teambuilding activities such as corporative parties and coffee-breaks.

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Nice place to work

Gnation - San Diego, CA

Nov 06, 2018 · Alex Novikov ·   Businesses
If you look for a nice place to work pay attention at GNation

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Best Apartment in Bethany despite upstairs neighbors
Pet Peeve is loud neighbors

Belmont Apartment - Bethany, OK

Nov 04, 2018 · Elizabeth Marie REEVE ·   Businesses
Love my apartment in Bethany, OK despite always having to listen to the bowling ally

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Working in GNation

Gnation - Portland, OR

Nov 02, 2018 · Ed Redman ·   Businesses
While working in GNation and doing some tasks I had to face some difficulties. Because of it I got disappointment and even was going to leave the company. But senior manager understood my situation and helped me to find solvation of the problem. I’m recalling this situation because it’s rather typical for GNation: helpful and friendly employees, supportive management, way out of ant difficulties. I left this company due to health-related reasons but would like to return if there will be a chance.

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Gnation - Portland, OR

Oct 30, 2018 · Mel ·   Businesses

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