My New Apartment
Vine Street Lofts

Vine Street Lofts - Jasper, IN

Jun 26, 2019 · Hester James
Out of all the Apartments in Jasper this one is the best,I love how everyone here is like family,you have so many things to do from meeting to eat together in the community room and playing games to going to the exercise room and computer room and a lot more,so try this place out,it's so awesome and a quiet and friendly atmosphere you couldn't ask for more than that

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Mom and daughters day out ends in TEARS

Jun 09, 2019 · Pati ·   Businesses
My mom has been struggling with depression as long as I can remember, after the loss of my older brother my mom had a lot more during " lows" I thought it was a good Idea to take her out to get a makeover in hopes of pulling her out of her depression sooner we decided to go to LA Hair on Casino road in Everett after not on explaining the cut she was trying to achieve achieve they showed pictures as well ask her if she was comfortable doing the cut she reassured us that she knew what she was doing only for her to cut it off minimum of 6 in more than she should have did long layers on short hair didn't finish the cut couldn't even trim her bangs and still continued to charge us for price needless to say my mom left in tears

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Do NOT live here

Lisle Town Centre - Lisle, Il - Lisle, IL

Jun 03, 2019 · Anonymous ·   Businesses
Condominium complex in Lisle, IL.

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Maytag appliances leave a lot to be desired
Healy made to break,dowm

Maytag Qppliances - Bartlett, TN

May 15, 2019 · Adele Eldridge ·   Businesses
Imhave owned three maytag appliances in last few years, a dishwasher, clothes washer front load and a dryer..the dishwasher broke down with serious issues..motor failure and smaller issues like,rollers breaking within first 14 months..finally replaced it with a Kitchen Aid. The washer I still,have bought what we thought was extended warranty with company but turns out it was with the seller..anyway, one of,the door,hinges broke at 2 years..then the plastic baffles started coming off..ordered and replaced Thea ourselves..then they broke again ...these should have been better designed as a permanent Unattached part, not a slide in. No screws,or anything to,hold them I am operating without them and unit is so,loud it sounds like an airplane. I,wrote,to,customer seri e. It they never a not pay their garbage

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Ripped off $$$

May 14, 2019 · pau ·   Businesses
Unfinished shower work and holes in wall

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May 13, 2019 · Sheree Bowden ·   Businesses
Terrible service and horrible customer service.

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Meals not ready when they said they would be

Pei Wei - Tulsa, OK

May 07, 2019 · Chuck Mahan ·   Restaurants
In on-line ordering a meal Pei Wei stated that the meal would be ready at 5:50. After arriving at the restaurant the meal was not ready until 6:25. The on-line system should be able to compute the delay time due to demand.

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My Pet Peeves
Pet Peeve

May 04, 2019 · Melissa
I have a pet peeves over slot of things. Slow people walking in a store, waisted food and females

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Red Lobster - Fort Pierce, FL

Apr 30, 2019 · Elham ·   Restaurants
Worst service and food ever in a Red Lobster we've ever experienced. Waitress was rude and one with only four guests in the dining room she literally threw down her tray on the filthy carpet because we asked politely (after waiting some 20 minutes) when she had a chance to please stop by so that we could get ice water and drinks then when she's ready get our order placed. Mediocre food served with an attitude and we had to ask for cutlery and napkins. Nasty attitude. Turned our stomach. Never will we return there again. Melbourne Red Lobster restaurant was like a 6 star place to dine in comparison.

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Red Lobster - Fort Pierce, FL

Apr 30, 2019 · Elham ·   Restaurants
Disgusting attitude from the waitress with only 4 people in the dining two plus two men already there. Waitress literally threw down her tray on the filthy carpet because we asked her over when she was finished what she was doing...we waited over 20 minutes and couldn't even get ice water and silverware on the table with napkins. Terribly rude attitude. We will never go there again. She needs retraining immediately in a lesson on customer service. Nasty.

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