Ex- Employee

Michaels - Amsterdam, NY

Jan 24, 2020 · Jennifer cernak ·   Businesses
I worked at Michaels for 16 months as a Cashier. I really enjoyed my Job. And I enjoyed assisting my Customers. I’m very good at Retail, so It was easy for me to relate to my customers. I always went to work with a smile on my face, no matter what. I had a good report with my Co workers, But management at Michaels really needs to get their heads together. I saw some favoritism going on quite a bit. And the store manager wasn’t very Professional at times. Working in Management, you should never demonstrate that type of behavior. Also talking about your Employees to other co-workers is a definite no no.Another issue I have is they don’t give you enough hours unless your management. I may have considered on staying on had I been given at least 30 hours a week. I had spoken to the district manger about it, and he had nothing to say but I’m not able to do that. Which I know that isn’t the case. My Rewards and Surveys were always above and beyond. I truly feel the Company didn’t value me as a Excellent Employee. I would not Recommend working for this company. You are just a number

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I hate scammers

Jan 23, 2020 · Kymberleigh
** BEWARE *** I was given Tammy Heffernan's contact information as I was relocating to VT from NY The closing and everything subsequent to it up to 3 weeks later has been nothing but atrocious. Now almost 3 weeks later my escrow gets released. I have given Ms Heffernan the last of what funds I had access to in the form of a money order to which were to go to VT taxes. Ms Heffernan has not responsibly taken her role as an attorney seriously and has adamantly ignored my texts, calls, as well as email messages asking questions and when can I expect the $1210.85 back since they were not applied to,the VT taxes as it was short. I am the mother of a recently fallen soldier who was only 23 when he passed away in 6/2018. I came here to start fresh and get away from,the memories that haunt me. I'm,a Gold Star Mom whose health has been declining since learning my son's terrible fate and live on a tight monthly income. I moved here and started off with barely anything and in good faith have Ms,Heffernan,more than,90% of my monthly check and this is how she behaves as a "professional?" Taking from the poor like Robin Hood? If you don't have a financial worry in the world and do not have to live worrying about finances forever then Tammy is your go to attorney. But if you're like the majority of Americans watching your p's & q's then i highly recommend moving on to someone with more professionalism and manners.

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modi modi modi modi
modi modi modi

Client Focused Media - Jacksonville, FL

Dec 03, 2019 · Subash G ·   Politics
this is modi govertnmentthis is modi govertnmentthis is modi govertnmentthis is modi govertnmentthis is modi govertnmentthis is modi govertnmentthis is modi govertnmentthis is modi govertnmentthis is modi govertnment

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VERY Disappointed with Barnes & Noble

Dec 02, 2019 · NWWP ·   Businesses
After 25+ years of Membership it's GOODBYE Barnes & Noble!!!

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Will not guarantee product and or install
Don't Buy Doors From Them

Lowes Home - Murfreesboro, AR

Nov 27, 2019 · Ronald McDaniel ·   Businesses
Door purchase and install - From the first day installed door had mold that was not flush & and scratched but thought this was cosmetic. The door sounds like Velcro is ripping Everytime you open it (we thought this was because it was new but it's been 5 months and still sounds that way. The seal between the door doesn't keep small insects out when they climb on door. Lowes sent the installer back out then the Manufacturer rep. Who squirted caulk? In week holes but the insects came from where sliders meet you can't caulk that but he said we could pull the mylar strip off and the door won't. Be as noisy I asked if that would allow bigger bugs in and he said it could. The lady in the claims was very nice but never really had a solution after 5 months offered a Lowes gift card for $100 we declined and are still looking for a resolution. WE HAVE USED LOWES FOR 15 YEARS BECAUSE THEY SAID THEY GUARANTEEED THEIR SERVICES but probably going to try Home Depot

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Not trustworthy

Frontpoint Home Security - Washington, DC, DC

Nov 23, 2019 · Nancy L Clark ·   Businesses
My house burned to the ground, I called and cancelled my use of their service and explained why and they continued to bill me for 12 months. They refuse to refund my money

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Bad tv

Kndu Tv - Kennewick, WA

Oct 13, 2019 · Bill ·   Organizations
Horrible Sunday night football game reception, way too much distortion and interruptions. Reception interruptions unacceptable for a major network

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Sad sack

Oct 13, 2019 · Kathryn
I hate the narrator of the reboot of Meerkat Manor. WHERE IS SEAN AUSTIN? I loved this series years ago and could seriously watch it everyday and one if the reasons is Seans voice. It's soothing, expressive and much much much netter than the english guy doing it now. Redi the voice on The Rebbot of Meerkat Manor. PLEASE

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Coin buying

Oct 06, 2019 · Carl ·   Businesses
But a 2020 red book on us coins for around 16 dollars and reaserch just how bad these tv and internet coin shows are really ripping you off, you won't ever buy from them again I promise, they are charging you 2 to 3 times what they are really worth. The only good deal I have really found was from the coin vault deal of the day at the end of each show!! Just food for thought, stop getting burned by chopper and Littleton!!

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Coins and collectable network

Oct 06, 2019 · Carl ·   Businesses
Bought ft.knox evdince bag and it said remove tag before sealing which was not and it had 4 vials of the so called california wild fire gold and a few worthless proof sets and it was sealed with the exact same tape you see on his safe deposit boxes and everything else he says he is not allowed to open? He opens everything and puts what ever he wants in them, total scam, don't waste your time or money. And how does he know all the safe deposit boxes contain coins? Most people store important documents and guns and jewelry in them, again it's a total ripoff don't fall for his B.S.

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