Bad experience

Rodriguez smog center - Sacramento, CA

Mar 10, 2019 · Yvette zamora ·   Businesses
I thought my water pump had to be replaced so I called Filimon to get the Mechians number his name is Pepe he was going to charge me 735.00 so I called Vidal’s auto and was going to be charged 220.00 for the same job. Don’t go too Rodriguez Smog they will rob you blind and I’m family. Vidal’s auto shop is a lot better and he is very honest.

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Great Place to Find everything
Farmers Dream

Tractor Supply Company Tsc - Athens, AL

Feb 25, 2019 · Maggie Young ·   Businesses
I shop this store 2 or more days a week love the Ppl , I may stay too long inside. Everything a farmer could need.

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Mean and Rude
cold hearted

Budget Tire Company #2 - Cincinnati, OH

Jan 31, 2019 · amilah ·   Jerks
Pollution is bad for the earth and people. But don't forget about the precious animals in the world.

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Bad Customer Service
Will make you pay to return

Isave - Syosset, NY

Jan 30, 2019 · David Morrow ·   Businesses
Money hungry folks... Greed will create bad karma... some of the worst customer service I've ever had.

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Worst in US
Horrible to deal with

Comcast - Philadelphia, PA

Jan 28, 2019 · Mark ·   Businesses
I consider Comcast to be the most dishonest company in America. They lie cheat and steal and are typical hypocrites when it comes to their advertising and customer service policies. In addition they hire politicians to keep them in front of the right judges with all of the many lawsuits against them! Stay as far away as you can.

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Unethical lawyer

Jan 09, 2019 · Brian Monroe ·   Organizations
Was totally screwed over by a woman named Joanna S Davis who works for the legal aid society of Saratoga New York she is an absolute Hench woman who sets out to destroy men’s lives she uses fiction over fact she does not do her homework diligently she has wrecked my life and made me lose everything I have ever owned as well as everything my children have ever owned she should be disbarred and never be able to practice law again she uses the fact that she knows about the law and that you don’t to screw you over I’m tired of lawyers

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my work in Gnation

Gnation - Portland, OR

Jan 09, 2019 · Maryan Gera ·   Organizations
When my work in Gnation has just started I was an absolute fresher without any experience in my profession. Behind my back there was a diploma about education and a strong desire for demonstrating my knowledge and skills. The guys from the company agreed to employ me. The senior managers of this Gnation appreciate hard-working people. When I did extra work I got an additional payment. So there was never lack of money. Generally it was a great experience for me.

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Gnation. Among all organizations

Gnation - Portland, OR

Jan 04, 2019 · Alex Smith ·   Organizations
Gnation. Among all organizations I was employed in this company is considered to be the most memorable. I have ab explanation for this. I managed with interesting tasks and got a good compensation there. There was not any overwork. But in case of any extra-work it was always well-paid . There was a possibility for building a career ladder for me and every other employee with ambitions and hard-working readiness. My relations with the co-workers were great and friendly. .

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Rental return
Office said open when I checked internet

Hertz Rent A Car - Englewood, FL

Dec 26, 2018 · Miriam ·   Jerks
I rented a car for 3 hours from the above office closed dropped of key in drop box 232 00 was total rental charges my bill has reached 400.00 on top of the 200.00. I want my money back. Never again will I use this company

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post a review

North South Village Apartments - Rochester, NY

Dec 24, 2018 · Mattey Marie
Poor management

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