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Choice Home Warrenty - Phoenix, AZ

Jul 21, 2019 · JERRY LEE ·   Businesses

I have only submitted two claims to Choice and both have been denied. they come up with some weird reasons. a month ago one of my two air conditioners had a fan motor that stopped working. Choice said it was my fault as poor maintenance. The unit is in the attic and it was a 12 year old motor? It is a sealed and screwed housing and certainly not for a home owner to take apart and provide some unknown service. My second A/C unit stopped working and again when submitted Choice denied the claim. Again some long paragraph saying it must be poor maintenance. We live in Phoenix and its been over 100 deg daily for nearly 30 days.

Both units have been repaired at my cost and both repairmen that worked on the units said in each case there was nothing that i coould have done to prevent the mentioned problems.

Many review sites also have horrible reviews for this company In one case there were 15 pages of 10 ea and they were all 1 star  except for 3, 2 stars. that's 150 reviews. Add mine to the list. Why i believed the adds and did not due diligence i don't know. But lesson learned !!!

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