May 13, 2019 · Sheree Bowden ·   Businesses

I was lied to from the get go. I called, I wrote corporate, I wrote the company, and for the entire 2 year contract.....I was not provided what was promised, and was over charged monthly. They were always going to correct my billing. The minute my contract was up, I called DirecTV and ask them where to take my equipment for a return. I was done and never ever wanted anything to ever do with them. I took all the equipment to the Fed ex place that DirecTV told me to take it. Got a receipt, and went on my happy way. I got home called them, to let them know, and then repeatedly called to make sure they received the equipment. 

Well, guess what folks.....1 1/2 years later.... I find out they say I owe them $200. for equipment never returned. REALLY ?????? I AM SO MAD AND UPSET. I can not believe this. Not did they ever credit my account when they over charged me ever month, but now this.  

You know, there is a new age of tv coming and direct and dish will be obsolete...can't wait for that day to come, so they can no longer abuse their customers.  Kharma..... May it come swiftly !

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