Don’t buy whirlpool stove!
Model# WEG745HOFS

Lowe's Home Improvement - Knoxville, TN

Jul 22, 2020 · Bonne Foulds ·   General Gripes

This is not to complain about Lowe's, although they haven't helped at all with my problem.
So, we purchased all new appliances, (Fisher Paykel dishwasher, new LG fridge,Whirlpool stove and microwave), because ours had all gone out within a month of each other...after 15 years of use.  Our "new" stove is two years old, when one day, it just went blank.  The touch screen panel stopped working, now, even the burners won't light unless manually.  The repair service, JD Contractors, in Knoxville, Tn, said it would take a week to get the new panel in.  After three weeks, I called them, after getting no help from Lowe's and no updates from JD, and they said estimated time..not the time they would get the part in..was another week, if indeed it even came in!!  A month without my virtually NEW stove!  Thank God we purchased the five year warranty, or we would have paid probably a third of the original price to get this two year old model fixed.  The problem is, that the panel has a piece that fits over and around it, so that when you clean the recessed panel face, the water or dirt gets into the crack all the way around the panel face and seeps into the circuit board below.  You have to clean it often, so it ends up blowing the board and short circuiting..therefore "killing" the stove!  I'm not an engineer, but is this Whirlpools way of building in obsolescence, so I buy another of their products?  HELL NO! Oh, and the wait time to get anyone to answer is up to 20 min on the phone...8 on the online chat!!   I am seriously considering going to small claims court, and filing a several thousand dollar lawsuit, for the mental anguish I've felt and the amount of take out we've had to purchase, for better service and a new, different model stove...just to mess with Whirlpool! I won't forget to add the court costs!  I will NEVER purchase another whirlpool product!

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