Don't stay at Relax Inn
Misleading management

Relax Inn - Richmond, KY

Aug 31, 2019 · sophia ·   Businesses

I do not recommend anyone to stay at Relax Inn in Richmond, Ky. They are very misleading, not understanding or helpful management!  I went there on August 2, 2019 and told them I would like to book a room until September 3, when I get my next check because I'm disabled, they quoted me a price and I paid it, making it very clear I wouldn't be able to re-rent until I got my next check. They came to me a few days before my next check was due and told me I would have to pay on the 2nd $35-$40 to be able to stay till the 3rd,I totally explained to them my situation before I rented from them and they were fine with that and that I would be good till then, instead of charging me for the extra day while I had the money to pay them. They won't wait till my check comes, they told me I had to get the money for a days rental or I had to leave, they totally misled me, so now I will have to be on the street until my check comes, they're very unprofessional!! I don't recommend renting from them at all!! 

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