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Mar 12, 2018 · Nancy Clark ·   Jerks

I ordered the bedroom set and couch that JC Penny had advertised in Feburary. When they finally delivered them in March I thought wow that was faster than I thought. But, they not only delivered the wrong couch but even though I paid for them to put my bed together, they didn't do it. The delivery guys did make a note of the wrong couch being delivered but they claimed it didn't say that I paid for White Glove Delivery fee and refused to put my bed, they just delivered, together. I showed them my receipt showing that I paid the $125 but they still refused and left. I started calling the Monday after (they delivered on a Saturday, March 3rd 2018 to be exact). I couldn't get through so I talked to the after hours people and they said I would be called back the next day. But I didn't receive a call. My Aunt then started calling also. I used her JC Penny Credit Card to order the furniture. She was not only talking to the delivery Company but she talked to JC Penny also. We both called the delivery people all week and altho I never really talked to a manage my Aunt did. I finally talked to a guy at the delivery company thursday and explained the whole situation to him. He put me on hold to talk with a manager and never came back to the phone. I finally hung up after over 20 mins. At that point I gave up but my Aunt was still attempting to get something done. She talked with a person at the delivery company also and he told her that she would be called back Monday after talking it over with his supervisor. Neither of us received a call. So now this is more than a week and I still can't get anyone to come back and put my bed together even though I have paid for it to be done. I'm afraid now that my correct couch may not be delivered either. I'm losing hope for ever getting my bed put together and have started thinking of other ways I can have it put together. I just hope I get my couch. I will never use JC Penny again for any furniture delivery. In fact now I'm thinking seriously about not using JC Penny again for anything. 

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