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Can you at least call back with a reason

Oct 27, 2020 · Mary Harris ·   Businesses

My son had emergency reconstructive surgery on his hand (Reattachment of one of his fingers that had accidently been sawed off)  When discharged from the hospital, he was furnished with enough meds to last the length of time that they expected him to be seen within.  Well 1st issue his appointment got pushed out 2 weeks.  Several calls were made to his doctors office to make sure that this was even safe as the surgery was already questionable because of the length of time the finger had been un-attached and some of the medications (dangerous) we had questions about but we never received, though promised, a call back. 

Then as the week progressed we realized that no one had took into consideration he would run out of medication before he was seen and within a few days he ran out of pain meds.  (Remember this is the reattachment of an amputee)  Calls were made several days in a row with 1st no call back and then when we called the excuse that nothing could be done until the doctor put it in.  Mind you the doctor has yet to even call and explain why nothing has been done to date.   We are very close to calling the Dept. of Health to put in a complaint.   

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