Lafayette Indiana Stake n Shake

Stake N Shake - Lafayette, IN

Jun 20, 2018 · Paula ·   Restaurants


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 Susan Martinez

My daughter was involved in an accident in which another driver was at fault and backed into her knocking off her bumper. I have called Kempher Insurance several times and no reply. I also called State Farm (her insurance). It has been a month and I guess I will have to take them to court. It’s obvious that they don’t want to pay!
Jun 27, 2018   03:36pm


There are two steak ‘n Shake is located in Lafayette Indiana the one on the east side is perfectly fine the one on 26 E. 152 is horrible very unprofessional attitude’s are horrible I went in one day and all the staff and called off except two people I had to wait 45 minutes for a cheeseburger someone needs to go in and redo the staff so that it matches the excellent quality that they have at the other store
Jun 20, 2018   12:43pm


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