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Best Bull/Shit and loose you money

Jun 13, 2018 · John Jablonski ·   Jerks

DO NOT EVER DO BUSNESS HERE: :Our experience with BMW of Las Vegas would be Don't Go There.  We purchased 2017 Hyundai and after 5 days, I decided I didn't like it, so we took it back because there is a 250 mile or 5 day return.  On the 5th day we returned it, to purchase a 2015 BMW, which was a couple thousand dollars less.  But before we could buy the 2nd car Randall said we would have to pay an addition $8000 because our car didn't meat the requirements of the 5 day return policy and that he was going to have to charge us all over the tax, license etc fees.  He said that was for "Special cars".  That's not what their paper work said. We called the GM over and he said no that we could do an even exchange as far as title, etc.  So then we bought the BMW, (which these cars were paid for by cash, not financed),  After 7 days, we wanted to return the 2nd car.  Normally we aren't those kind of people.  The second car we were returning because even though my husband had said it was fine for him to get out of, he is almost 6'4 and had both his knees replaced, and I could see that he was really struggling to get in and out of this car.  But if I liked it he was going to say he was fine, when he really wasn't.  We came back, and we DID EXECT to have to pay what we could call a penalty, we weren't asking for another even exchange,  but we were going to ask for the First car back, that we had gotten because it really did work better for my husband.  So they tell us that it will cost us another $9500 to buy the first car back, that now our car the 2nd one has lost $500 a day in depreciation, and that if we wanted that first car back, that was the best they could do.  Really, $9500.  They acted like they cared, but they really didn't.  So then we ask to cancel the extended warranty on the 2nd car the BMW that we paid $1725 for that gave an additional 2 years of service on and was transferable to the next owner.  We were told we couldn't get that back.  I googled BMW extended warranties and it said that "your BMW dealer will tell you, you can't get it back, but you can and you have up to 30 days."  They would give it back if we came and bought another car from them, but they wouldn't give it back if we didn't.  These people were clearly all about money and nothing else.  They didn't return our calls, when trying to cancel the extended warranty, I called and was told I would get a call back in 45 minutes, it was three days before I got a call back, and then it was a flat no, I wish I could but I can't.  First impression, nice, lasting impression, they are "THOSE CAR PEOPLE' that will get you any way they can.  We would have gladly paid a couple of thousand extra for the crazy way this was going, but to want to buy back the first car  in a matter of two weeks and tell us it will cost us an additional $9500, Never.  I would drive by them as fast as you can, and go to any other BMW Dealership.  They were totally unreasonable.  I have nothing good to say about them and the way they handled this.
Tina and John JablonskiLIARS LOST US OVER $!)<))

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