Picture keeper technical support is a joke and they don’t care
They if they lose your product they blame the post office

Simplified It Products Llc - Marietta, GA

Apr 24, 2020 · Carmelo Rodriguez ·   Businesses

Picture Keeper IT support is a joke and don’t care. Picture Keeper is a great product I owned a 500 GB unit I bought in 2015. I am a veteran so I keep thousands pictures on it I am almost at 50,000, I keep my pictures on several devices for security reasons. My unit recently started having problems and would not connect to my laptop. I therefore researched Picture Keeper and found their support number for technical support. I called technical support and spoke with a Tony and after a few checks I was instructed to mail my product down and see if it could be repaired if not replaced. Trustingly I agreed. Big mistake! I sent my unit to:  Simplified  IT products RA#22420TM  4445 Winfred Dr. Marietta Ga. 30066. I did not think twice about it as I mailed it away. Around 30 days or so later I have still not received my unit back so I contacted simplified IT products and inquired as to my product. Simplified IT products informed me that due to the onset of the coronavirus they were short personnel would I kindly call back next week, stupidly I agreed too. About eight days later I called back to check on the product and they told me they have not received it. I was shocked and surprised, I confirm the mailing address with them and they agreed the address was correct, I then asked them if they received all their other mail and packages and they said yes. I started to complain and they said wait a moment, put me on hold and after about 15 minutes came back and informed me that they have not received my product and that I would need to contact the post office, at that point I became upset and ask them why do I need to contact the post office if you’ve received everything else. I know youI know you don’t carry those units anymore someone cou have taken  my unit made  it disappear. Why should I onlyWhy should I only hold the post office accountable? They put me back on hold again for  several minutes and then came back and told me there’s nothing they could do for me and hung up. I’ve then waited a little while and call back and ask them why is it that they can’t find my product, They then asked me if I can produce a receipt for it from the original purchase. I got angry and asked them do you normally keep all your receipts? They said there was nothing they can do for me and hung up. I then called back again very angrily and was told that someone from corporate would be in contact with me by the end of business that day. I waited and never received a call, I called back the next day and again frustrated and angry raise the issue with them on my item. They again put me on hold and came back and said there’s nothing they could do for me and hung up. After all the calls I was on hold for over an hour total and now when I called back all my calls are rerouted directly to the voice message recorder, where I have left several messages decently and have yet to receive a call back. Picture Keeper is a fine product and awesome for Picture storing, I have close to 50,000 pictures on several devices as I am an avid picture taker. I did research on simplified IT and found that it is a small operation with the belt 8 to 10 people small office and they could care less, if you are like me they just blow you off And block you on your phone directly to their voice box. If you buy something and you expect good service on it then I would consider twice before making the purchase. I am not going to take this laying down I have only begun to expose simplified IT products as a technical support specialist does not care about you or your product, their concern is themselves. So you know I offered to pay for 50% of my loss and they on the other 50% but I have not yet heard anything back. I will no longer purchase Picture Keeper for this reason as I cannot afford to have units that need service and I ca trust the company to service it. Thank you.

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