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Apr 27, 2019 · Juan F Aceituno ·   Businesses

I called rotor-roooter and they came to the rescue right away. They also sent a technician to assess if there was any water damage to the kitchen walls and cabinets.

We were fortunate to have an experienced and well mannered plumber. Trevin was very professional, attentive and creative to fix the broken fitting as fast as possible. Trevin went out of his way to make sure the new fitting and valve could be installed as best as possible without compromising space needed for the refrigerator. Trevin paid attention to detail and was very careful cutting the dry wall. After completing the work, he took the time to clean and pick up all the dust. Once we turned the water back on there were no visible water leaks. Trevin was our Saturday hero for coming out with the right attitude and fixing our broken fitting very expeditiously. Best part is that we have warranty for the work performed today. Thank you so much Roto Rooter for sending Trevin to our rescue!

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