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North South Village Apartments - Rochester, NY

Dec 24, 2018 · Mattey Marie

I have lived here for 2 years have put up with being horrased by the tenants around me I have put up with mice sense day one the place was never cleaned before oi moved in stunk to high heaven it's far from smoke free you can smell the cigeret smoke through the whole building a drug dealer is here quite often they can't keep there kids under control they just let them do what ever THEY want it was a year in a half be before they got a exsterminatore to try to deal with the mice after putting up with maintentsputting out grapes with no baitthis past September they decided to go in the addick to put down poison after I didn't even no there was a adick told them sevral times to do something with the basement but they never did I told them where there might be a mice nest but of course I didn't no what I was talking about they just found 3 wholes in my wall inside my apartment where they chewed through the walls from out side poor lighted parking lot saw people siren gas out of someone's car so unless you want to live with mice to make them your best friend then this is the place for you 


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 Mattey Marie

North village is a mice hotel please beware
Dec 24, 2018   06:10pm




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