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May 26, 2020 · Leslie kruger ·   Businesses

I took my grandson shopping for a life preserver, since he's only 18 months and doesn't know how to swim yet.

Because this is such an important item, I wanted to make sure that I got the the correct size for his weight.  I'm getting old, and can't see very well,  so it took me a little time to read each one and make sure that I had the right one picked out for his size and weight..

However, from the time I walked in, I was followed by the employees as if I was about to steal something.  When I walked in I only had the stroller and my purse on top of the stroller to make it clear that I wasn't trying to steal anything.

When I picked the life preserver I thought that I might purchase, I put it on top of the stroller. Still trying to make it clear that I was not trying to steal anything.

It would have been hard for me to carry in my hand and push the stroller at the same time. I also needed an umbrella in case it was so too sunny outside I didn't want him to get burned. 

I saw some other life preservers in a different spot in the store and I wanted to look at those to make sure that I was purchasing the right one. I might have been in the store for 30 minutes at the most. 

The whole time being followed like a thief.

By the time I got to the cashier I had time to think about how upset I was that they were following me around like that and I decided I wasn't going to buy anything from that place. When I got to the cashier, I gave her the unbrella in the life preserver that I was going to buy and I told her to tell her manager I didn't appreciate being followed around like a thief for no reason. 

As if that wasn't bad enough, a policeman followed me out to the parking lot and questioned me first he asked me, how long I had been in the store.

Well that was news to me, I didn't know it was illegal to be in the store too long. I couldn't have been in there more than 30 minutes and I know this because I do personal shopping for people I have a tracker in my in my car.

then he asked me if I had taken anything from the store ,was I probably shouldn't have but I opened my purse and showed him I had nothing from the store the only other thing I had was the baby and the stroller. However, he asked me a second time, and again I opened my purse  and told him I had nothing in from that store.

I have been a hairdresser all my life but since covid-19 deliver groceries, and food at in the evening.

The worst part about this is, I deliver food to the people that live in the community around that shopping center, that policeman humiliated me in the parking lot of that store, for all to see.

I also shop at the Aldi store in that same shopping center, for one of my deliveries jobs.

This incident has made me on high alert. I do not want to shop in that shopping center anymore,for fear that I will be embarrassed again in front of people did I deliver groceries tothat live in that community and shop in that shopping center. They owe me a public apology

so this is how they treat the essential workers

It's hard enough to find work at this time, now I don't even want to do this job anymore. What kind of store runs their business like that they should be ashamed of theirselves .

It ruined our day we never even went swimming..

I will never go back to that store,a I will tell everyone I know, and I will give reviews,and write about it everywhere I can. just because I don't put myself in debt with a brand new car, doesn't mean I'm a thief. 

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