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Oct 21, 2020 · Crystal Dyer ·   Businesses

Hi, as I said in the short description, it's not fair for people who can't keep their animals indoor to get rejected for adoption.  People can treat their animals like garbage inside too you know and they can also die inside just like outside.  People who can't afford to move out own their own and have to live with someone or has to pay rent it's not their fault that the owner won't allow them to keep their animals indoor.  I have heard how any animals are needed to be adopted but how can people do that if the ones that are wanting to adopt get rejected just because they have to keep them outside.  I understand that's it's non-profit but I would be willing to make donations every month for a year plus the adoption fee if they could just let us adopt.  It's hard to find a specific animal the way you are wanting unless you adopt.  I always thought the purpose of adoption is to help people find the animal they want plus help out that animal get a home.  I'm sorry but it's not right to punish people that are wanting to adopt an animal so bad and just get rejected because they can't keep their animal indoors.

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