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May 14, 2019 · pau ·   Businesses

Had a contract with American Standard to install a walk in tub removed and a safety walk in shower installed. Paid over $1000 deposit and work started about week later. Work finally finished weeks later,but job was a disaster. One safety bar never installed,non skid safety strips on floor never placed,molding around doorway to shower left off in sections and not repaired/replaced. shower curtain bar slanting down and not even across. Numerous calls to customer service people in Texas;promises to take care of problem and nothing ever gets done. No one ever calls us back. Contacted local better business bureau,they will contact company with our complaint,but said they can't enforce anything? What are they good for? This has gone on for weeks now. Salesman who sold us the shower Jeff Lawson said this is not how company operates,and he will resolve it for us. More hot air and b.s. Wish I could verbalize how I would like to get this taken care of,but will keep that to myself. Never do business with this rip off company ever again.

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By the way,I paid the balance of the money for the American Standard walk in shower
May 14, 2019   05:43pm


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