The Bad Seed (Movie 2018)

Sep 21, 2018 · randy ekman ·   Movies

everybody get to your tube type bad seed 1957 movie or play and watch patty mccormicks performance in a scene in garden with mervyn leroy trust me watch it itll blow you away youll toss shirley temple tatum oneal etc after you see this scene today i fliped on a trailer of rob lowes revial of this show 

listen up

robby back to atlanta to the hotel you butchered this classic the real  original rhoda lead will balk the new young girl is so miscast its embarrassing for bad seed fans for whcih patty was nonminated for best actress should of won hands down the kid was brilliant this new girl you see her and you remote control zap off she is miscast city ive never written a fan note or this but afer seeing rob lowe directed this piece of .....    i say how does he afford a house with 50 rooms ok hes still goodlooking but he sinned recreating this histrical masterpiece show from the 1950s whoever reds this i bet will agree 100 per cent miss mcormick if you read this i have you on al my dvr records in my dallas rizy home yes the bad seed everone word out of every cast member hit the right note in acting eileen heckerts scene when osing her son drunk was flawless she won the oscard mabey tony

rob sir you can get by on your looks

take the hint

im stunned

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 randy ekman

read my review of the bad seeed revival randy Ekman in dallas
Sep 21, 2018   02:38am


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